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TMS for Treatment Resistant Depression and Off Label Applications.

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 We are  helping the community with  FDA approved traditional Transcrania​l Magnetic Stimulation (for treatment resistant depression)  

We are innovative and versatile being the only TMS group on the East coast to offer the Theta Burst protocol non FDA approved and we developed our very own Corporal Theta Burst CTB for off label pain relief that is not FDA approved. 

Our cutting edge efforts have brought the attention of many scientist from all over the world such that we were picked to represent the whole South East of the country in a documentary on TMS that will air next month on PBS. We will publish that schedule as soon as it is available.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Theta Burst Stimulation

Corporal Theta Burst

Our mission is to connect patients with depression treatments that will enhance their quality of life.

This is Josette my Mom

The picture is my mom in the park that surrounds a psychiatric hospital at Andilly, in the suburbs of Paris France. She was essentially institutionalized for forty years starting when I was about twelve years old. She did not respond to the medications of the day so much so that I suggested Electric Shock treatment to her on a couple occasions. She gave me the angriest look when I suggested this to her every time. I think she would of had a much easier time agreeing to TMS if she was still alive today.

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