Magnetic Services

Traditional Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

20 minute sessions consisting of 36 sessions total. The patient is asked to come daily for 6 weeks totaling 30 treatments. After that the patient is titrated down 3 times week seven; 2 times week eight; 1 time week nine. This has been FDA approved since 2008.

Theta Burst Stimulation (not covered by insurance)

This is a cutting edge protocol for achieving the similar results that we get with traditional TMS by giving pulses as triplets packed at 50 Hz themselves being delivered at 5 Hz with an 8 second pause in betwen trains. This allows results with as few as five sessions condensed into 10 minutes each. We find that these 10 minute sessions do not require daily visits and give excellent results even if done on a weekly basis. This not yet FDA approved so is considered off label and will not be covered by insurance. This is not meant to diagnose, cure, or prevent any condition or disease state and  is still considered experimental in a sense through there is a rumor that it could get approval by June. Before commiting to this you are encouraged to do your own research and seek a second opinion.

Corporal Theta Burst

This is a development that we designed ourselves at Brandon TMS and Psychiatry and  it was initally meant to focus on low back pain exclussivly. We use the same equipment that was designed to treat the brain and apply it to the body. It is not TMS any more since the brain is not involved hence I named it CTB. The results have been amazing see our research biospine page presented in Germany at the invitation of a congress of Neurosurgeons and Orthopedic surgeon from April 2017. Our use of this tecknique has gotten very broad and we are not limited to the lower back any longer. Essentially any part of the body can be targueted. Feel free to call for a consultation about your particular issue. This is not FDA approved and off label. The protocol is not intented to diagnose, cure or prevent any condition. Through our results are very promising the numbers of participants in this research are relatively small so we caution you on this. Results are not garanteed and you are encouraged to do your own research and seek a second opinion before commiting.

Traditional TMS vs Theta Burst Stimulation